Travelling & Visiting the USA: Guide & Tips

Seeing the mighty United States of America is a great idea. The 3.4 million square km collection of 50 states is a treasure trove of landscapes, cultures, traditions, festivals, locations, and so much more. You the traveler have a lot to consider and plan before the big trip. Whether to use Thrifty Denver airport phone number or using public transport. To fly or to go by train. To eat out or to rent Air BnB and cook for yourself—all tough questions to consider. Here are some helpful tips to help you plan and get the most out of your visit to the USA.

Are you covered?

It’s extremely important to make sure that the logistics are taken care of ahead of time to avoid inconveniences. Here are some of the most important things to check over and arrange for before you take off:

1.Travel insurance

Travel insurance is on top of the list of items to plan for. Ensure that you have shopped for travel insurance packages that will cover you extensively during your visit. You can check whether your current insurance provide in your country is able to cover you in the USA or whether you will have to seek an American insurance company cover.

2.Flight tickets

All international tickets should be booked and paid for at least 3 weeks in advance. This means your going and return tickets should be booked before you leave your country.

3.Visa & travel documents

Acquire all necessary documents needed for immigration, including vaccination. Check with the US embassy on vaccination records needed for travel. If you have any vaccinations you need to get before traveling, ensure that you get the shot well ahead before the date of travel.

The country is huge! Don’t be in a rush to see all of it

Most people traveling to the US want to see the major cities: New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Seattle, etc. This is a great plan for those who have a good amount of time to do some exploring. They can make the cross-country trip without feeling overwhelmed. But for those with less time, it’s best to plan to see a region. The country is divided into six major regions: Northwest, Southwest, Mid-west, East, and West. Planning to visit a region allows you to see a host of features of areas that are easily accessible from one another and minimizes travel time and cost.

Plan, but be open to unplanned adventures

Chances are you’ll want to plan every single day of your visit in the U.S, perhaps even down to the minutes if you’re that organized. However, there’s just so much to be seen that just planning won’t get you to see all the other lesser known details that enrich the experience if not define it. Getting to see the authentic America might mean you leave some time up for chance to explore areas as you go and even learn the ways of the locals and explore some of their favorite spots in town. You may be surprised to learn some things you couldn’t find on the internet and that is the true spirit of travel!


When in Rome, right? Yes! Americans have a distinct culture just like everyone else in the world and it’s considerate to be aware of norms of behavior. Some important etiquette to keep in mind include:

1.Tipping generously, generally 15-20% tip, when eating out
2.Punctuality is key when meeting up with Americans
3.Be careful with using slang you hear in American movies when interacting with Americans. Many of the words tend to be offensive such as the N word.

Now that you have an idea of what to prepare for and to expect, you can make better decisions on how to spend your time while in the US. Whether you will be getting around by 24 car rental, flights, trains, or bicycles, you’ll have a grand time exploring the majestic country!