Holidays and Travelling are the one of the most common ways of destressing in today’s stressful and fast lifestyle. While we would like to explore new places, we would also want the trip to be affordable and easy on our pockets. Many of us feel that travelling around involves hiring a Car from 24H rentals and driving around which not only avoids high flying cost to the destination and also doubles as a place to sleep wherever we want but that is neither safe nor affordable. Affordable trips involve a good amount of planning and we can help you plan with the tips compiled by us.

Tips to plan Affordable trips

1.First and foremost is travel during offseason so that you save on both travel fare and as well as on accommodation. However, if we do need to travel during holiday season, take combo packages which include accommodation along with dining or local sight-seeing. We can also opt for Bed and Breakfast option which proves to be much more affordable than the cheapest hotels or resorts.

2.Try the local cuisine and popular foods of the location. Fine dining or foreign foods generally costs much higher.

3.Include trips to National Parks and hiking trails on mountains or visit the beach which charge nominal admission fee and engage you and your family for the entire day.

4.For commuting locally, try going on foot, if possible, which will allow you to explore better while being completely free. You can also go biking, use Ferry or local trailers which add onto your experience and is also super affordable.

5.Explore the local markets which assist in exploring the area for local artisans and crafts. They come at more affordable prices and also lend uniqueness to the souvenirs collected.
Having outlined the tips to plan affordable trips, let us now take a look at USA’s most …